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The most dangerous beach in Bali has puzzled the authorities due to the frequent deaths of tourists

On the island of Bali, authorities have begun anxiously discussing how to make the most famous beach, Kelingking, safer. Officials held a meeting to decide how to prevent the frequent deaths of tourists.

According to the Bali Sun, many vacationers have died due to dangerous waves and strong currents at this beach. Despite the posted signs prohibiting swimming, tourists go into the sea and some of them do not return. The first decision after the meeting is to send lifeguards to the most dangerous beach. The second is to build a barrier. The head of the Department of Tourism Ni Made Sulishiawati said the following: “We are preparing protective fences and staffing. Designated staff will wear special uniforms to ensure that tourists follow directions or contact rescuers.”

Experts also warned of risks when approaching the Indonesian beach due to the difficult terrain. The descent and ascent of the slope require special care, and hikers are advised to wear practical clothing and footwear, stay off the designated trails, and be considerate of other vacationers.

Background Kelingking is a small beach on the island of Nusa Penida, located between the mountains. The beach is popular because of the shape of the mountains, which resembles a giant dinosaur by the ocean. To reach the water, you need to descend from a high mountain. A bad road and steep cliffs await tourists on their way. But the view below is worth the effort: bright blue water and warm sand.

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