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The flight attendant spoke about the consequences of the frankness of colleagues in TikTok

Social networks are in demand by representatives of various professions: The Sun writes that some flight attendants are too frank in their posts – they reveal secrets that are better left silent.

A British tabloid writer who is herself a flight attendant explains why flight attendants shouldn’t share all the details of their work on TikTok, as airlines may limit their employees’ social media activity in the future.

“For example, there are a lot of videos on social networks about sleeping areas for flight attendants on airplanes,” the flight attendant reflects. An ideal resource for people who need this information.

In addition, if people know how to gain access to the cockpit or learn how to operate certain systems on board an aircraft, then they can use this information in any way they want. Not always to the benefit of others.”

Continuing the topic, the publication adds that many airlines have departments that search for such videos on social networks and remove them.

Airlines don’t reward the most socially active flight attendants either: according to the blog author, two girls were recently fired for filming for TikTok while serving passengers with an in-flight catering cart.

“Also, being too active on social media can minimize your safety if everyone knows who you are and where you work. If you post your every move online, it will be easier for stalkers to track you.

We’ve been advised to keep our identity a secret and keep the content as private as possible because cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important issue for everyone,” the flight attendant shares with readers of The Sun.

The information resource adds that airlines are only interested in working with those who will ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, and not with those who will pose a threat to the safety of customers and their colleagues.

And finally, advice from an experienced flight attendant to anyone who is thinking about becoming a flight attendant: “Make sure you do it for reasons that matter to you, and not just to increase your popularity on social networks.”

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