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In Japan, a flight attendant robbed a store and bit a security guard

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant has been arrested in Japan on charges of shoplifting at a shopping mall. In addition, she is accused of biting a security guard.

According to MS News, the 33-year-old Singaporean stole six items, including towels and bags, totaling about 10,000 yen (about $70fdsf). However, the accused denied committing the crime, claiming that she intended to pay the bill.

In addition, she bit a guard while trying to escape. It was clarified that during the incident, the 51-year-old security guard of the shopping center witnessed the actions of the alleged criminal and tried to stop her. In retaliation, she bit his arm, which was predicted to cause minor injuries. In her defense, the woman stated that the guard knocked her to the floor and that the bite was a reaction to this action. “He held my neck. I bit him because I wanted him to put me down,” the detainee said in her defense.

A representative of the national airline of Singapore confirmed that the arrested woman is an employee of the company, but clarified that in connection with the investigation, additional comments cannot be provided. According to media reports, the flight attendant assured the police that she would pay her bill later and denied stealing the items at all.

As for the reaction of the official authorities, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore said that consular assistance is provided to the violator by local laws. It should be noted that the Japanese police continue to investigate this incident.

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