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The collapse of European airports has spilled over into a new tourism sector: mass cancellations of tours have begun

The consequences of the “Great Resignation” (according to Insider magazine) are spreading to all sectors of world tourism no worse than the coronavirus – almost at the speed of light. There are problems with the lack of qualified personnel: now the problems with hiring crew, which have already complained about hotels, travel agencies, visa centers, airports, and airlines, “reached” and sea cruises. Some cruise operators have begun to urgently reduce the number of services provided to tourists on board their liners, and some have even begun to cancel some flights.

Some cruise operators, such as Holland America and Royal Caribbean, while acknowledging the problems with hiring staff, say the possibility of an “accelerated restart” and doubt that they will cancel any future routes. Others are forced to make certain changes.

Yes, Carnival has informed tourists that it will temporarily close two restaurants on all its ships. “Our quick restart requires us to return thousands of crew members in a very short time. The need to obtain a large number of visas for staff has slowed down our ability to fully complete some of our functions, including our culinary team, “the company’s press service said.

The cruise operator Norwegian Cruise Line also announced the cancellation and reduction. Usually, more than 900 crew members work on its liners, currently, less than 550 workers are on board. As a result, the cruise line has reduced the number of tourists on a cruise in Hawaii. Some flights have been canceled. Another cruise operator, Sunard, also limited the number of tourists and canceled flights on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, also due to staffing problems.

Recall that tourists who want to relax “on the beach” are a little better: the same lack of staff leads to the fact that flights are canceled en masse and the lucky ones who still received tickets, waiting for passports all night. Read the details in the article “Chaos and fear cover Europe: millions of tourists miss tours in the EU because airlines cancel their flights for June and July.” Of particular indignation to tourists is the fact that, despite the canceled flights, sales of tours do not stop.

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