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The cheapest resorts of the Mediterranean in the summer of 2023 have been named

Mediterranean Europe, against the backdrop of the cancellation of the coronavirus pandemic, expects a record number of tourists in the summer of 2023. In this regard, tourism experts predict not only the congestion of the most popular destinations but also the increase in prices for recreation.

Travel Off Path has compiled a list of the five cheapest Mediterranean destinations for the summer of 2023.

1. Benidorm (Spain). This resort is a favorite among young people and families looking for an affordable holiday on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a comfortable temperature, many beaches, delicious cuisine, and a wide selection of entertainment – and all this at relatively reasonable prices. For example, you can have dinner here for 13 euros in an inexpensive restaurant.

2. Valencia (Spain). This city is famous for its enviable selection of museums, sandy beaches, and ancient heritage. At the same time, the city has affordable prices and great weather: food in regular restaurants in the center of Valencia costs about 12 euros, and the city has more than 300 sunny days a year.

3. Bodrum (Turkey). The city is one of the best budget destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a meal costing an average of €5 and a hotel night costing around €80 in peak season. In addition, Bodrum has wonderful beaches and many attractions.

4. Athens (Greece). The capital with a thousand-year heritage and fascinating history attracts tourists with historical monuments, museums, as well as cobbled streets filled with cafes and souvenir shops. From the center of Athens, you can easily reach the many beaches located on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. Although not the cheapest accommodation here, the food is quite budget-friendly (on average 12 euros for dinner) and affordable transport connections.

5. Alicante (Spain). The city of Spain’s Costa Blanca is an exciting coastal destination that has been in high demand with young travelers in recent years, thanks to its modern leisure areas and lively nightlife that set it apart from other historic, more traditional Spanish cities. And the prices are good here – dinner in an inexpensive restaurant will cost about 15 euros.

We will remind you, tourist experts predict that the upcoming summer season will be one of the busiest in the history of observations. Accordingly, queues and delays are predicted at airports, and crowds of tourists are expected at the most popular locations.

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