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A plate of pasta for $100: tourists in Turkey are shocked by wild food prices

Tourists who went to Bodrum for Eid al-Fitr were shocked by the prices, writes the Turkish newspaper Sözcü.

But with the beginning of the summer tourist season, foreign tourists will flock to this and other resorts in Turkey, and one can only imagine with horror how much local merchants will try to rip off money from them, traditionally viewing foreigners solely as cash cows…

Thus, according to the newspaper:

  • For three scoops of ice cream at this resort you have to pay 750 liras — that’s about 23 dollars.
  • A plate of Italian pasta (pasta) will cost 3 thousand lire, which at the current exchange rate is almost $100, or more precisely, about 93 dollars.
  • A cup of tea costs 90 liras, or about 2.8 dollars — even in expensive establishments in Kyiv it will be cheaper…

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