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The boycott of the Maldives led to the emergence of a new alternative to this resort

The scandal between India and the Maldives may lead to the forced development of a new alternative Indian resort – the Indian Maldives, the island of Lakshadweep. The government is considering the possibility of the island’s airport, which was previously used mostly for military purposes, to receive planes carrying tourists. In turn, local hotel chains are an opportunity to build hotels there.

It will be recalled that the island itself, or rather, the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to it, became the reason for the campaign with the hashtag #BoycottMaldives. It started after several Maldivian politicians made derogatory comments about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Part of this was about tourism, as the Indian prime minister’s visit to Lakshadweep, India’s tourist island region, was mocked. Maldivian politician Mariam Shiuna posted a “disparaging post” on social media about this trip, after, implying that the Indian prime minister just went to relax and have fun.

As a result, it seems that India has seriously decided to develop “its Maldives” – an archipelago of several islands off the coast of Kerala. Major Indian hotel chains are exploring opportunities in Lakshadweep. Taj Hotels has already announced plans to open new properties on the local islands of Suheli and Kadmat by 2026. Efforts to improve air traffic have also been renewed – the fact is that the islands were previously used as a military base (and continue to be used), so “everything is not so smooth” with civilian airports – it is necessary to expand the strip, etc.

Check-in will also be simplified for tourists. The previously required e-permit application has been completely moved online, eliminating the need for applicants to visit a bank and pay a fee of Rs 200.

Meanwhile, India, which was the main market for the islands, continues to refuse the Maldives. The sale of air tickets to the Maldives has been suspended due to the growing diplomatic scandal. This decision was made by one of India’s leading travel platforms, EaseMyTrip.

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