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In China, women are asked not to wear makeup on the train: the railway company was accused of sexism

There was a scandal in China because of an advertising video of a state-owned railway company. There, women were urged not to wear make-up while traveling on trains. The company was accused of sexism.

According to CNN, the China Railway clip became the most requested and discussed on the Chinese social network Weibo. As of Saturday, the relevant hashtag has already received 340 million views and 20,000 comments.

A video released by the company back in July shows a woman in the cabin of a high-speed train. She films herself while doing makeup and applying foundation. She is interrupted by a man in the next seat who claps her on the shoulder, and then the clip shows the man’s face covered in her foundation.

“I don’t need makeup, beautiful,” he says later to the woman, who apologizes and helps him wash up.

Users of the Chinese social network criticized the video as offensive. In particular, they do not understand why women who apply makeup show uncivilized behavior. Many others also stood up for the right to wear makeup.

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