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Ten-day heat in Greece is expected to reach 44 degrees

Strong and prolonged heat is expected in Greece. Due to the heat, the movement of trucks will be stopped at noon.

The Greek Civil Defense Service warns that from today at least ten days will begin with a very high temperature, which is expected to reach 44 degrees. The Union of Physicians urges everyone to be extremely careful, as in recent days there have been more cases of hospitalization of children with severe reactions to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Owners of companies who cannot provide workers with a safe temperature in the workplace are sent on leave so that they are not fined by trade union inspection teams and the Ministry of Labor.

The traffic police are urged not to go at noon. Trucks stop at dangerous temperatures.

Travel agencies report that Bulgarians and Romanians are the main tourists in northern Greece. They are less likely to travel to the islands due to medical requirements when traveling by ferry.

The spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus on the islands redirects tourists to the mainland.

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