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Argentina is “melting” 40-degree abnormal heat

Argentinians en masse are looking for shade and trying to cool off in fountains due to the hellish heat that has gripped the country. This is reported by Reuters.

As reported, the temperature in Argentina has risen to an unbearable +40 degrees.

“Everything is melting, everything is melting. Inside the country, things are more difficult. Here, at least, there is a river and some air. It is hell there,” a resident of Buenos Aires told the agency.
Argentina has about 45 million people and is an important producer of soybeans, corn, and wheat.

Hundreds of people are gathering near rivers and dousing themselves in water to beat the heat as a red alert has been issued across the country for high temperatures.

“Even the air conditioner is not enough. The heat spreads from the roof to the house, it is simply impossible to stay there. Therefore, it is best to run away and look for such a place near the river to have a good time with the family,” – say residents.

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