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Taiwan will resume visa-free entry to several countries. Quarantine remains

The Taiwan Epidemic Control Center stated on the return of the procedure for visa-free entry to the island for tourists from “diplomatic allies” countries. At the same time, a three-day quarantine and PCR tests upon arrival will remain mandatory for some time, as will the current limit of 50,000 foreigners per week.

Taiwan has kept its entry and quarantine rules in place, while much of the rest of Asia has already relaxed or eliminated them. The latest easing was in June when authorities reduced the lockdown on arrival from seven days to three.

Since the beginning of the year, Taiwan has reported more than 5.3 million domestic cases of coronavirus caused by the Omicron strain. But since 99 percent of those infected do not show any symptoms or are mildly ill, the government has abandoned the tightening of restrictions under the “new Taiwan model”.

Throughout the pandemic, both Taiwanese citizens and foreigners were not forbidden to leave the country and then return, but were subject to quarantine at home or in a hotel.

Starting next Monday, September 12, Taiwan will open visa-free travel to travelers from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, EU countries, and diplomatic allies.

Until 2020, the island was popular mainly with tourists from Asia, with Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries leading among the most important markets.

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