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The ranking of the best diving destinations in the world has been published

For adventure lovers who prefer active recreation during their summer holidays, experts recommend trying scuba diving. This is a unique opportunity to admire the splendor of the wild nature of the seas and oceans. For those who are not ready to dive into deep waters, snorkeling in shallow waters can be an excellent alternative for observing tropical fish.

Confused.com has published a list of the best diving spots where you can find various marine life. Australia leads the way with its Great Barrier Reef, which is home to turtles, sharks, corals, and a variety of fish species. Including 44 species of fish, the most popular among divers, live there. But it’s not just the reef that attracts attention — Tasmania’s kelp forests and the wrecks off the coast of Queensland are also a magnet for divers.

Next comes the United States, offering 43 species of marine life. The Florida Keys, Gulf of California Islands and, of course, Hawaii offer a variety of marine life, including green sea turtles and scorpionfish.

Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan are in third place with an equal number of species. Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park in Indonesia are famous for their seahorses and manta rays, while Japan is home to various species of sharks and Taiwan is famous for its tropical fish.

The best diving destinations in the world are:

  1. Australia;
  2. USA;
  3. Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan;
  4. Papua New Guinea, Philippines;
  5. Egypt, Malaysia, New Caledonia.

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