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Spain has introduced strict rules of behavior and heavy fines for tourists on the beach

The Spanish media recalled the list of actions for which a tourist can be fined on the beaches of the popular resort of Benidorm. Among other things, a simple but not obvious rule has been named, for violation of which a fine of up to 1,200 euros is provided.

As it turned out, the time spent on the beach is limited. And if tourists are caught swimming in the sea between midnight and 7 am, they risk paying a fine of between 760 and 1,200 euros. According to local authorities, time restrictions were introduced for safety reasons and to allow services to clean up the areas.

As noted by the media, most beaches in Benidorm have signs reminding tourists what they can and cannot do. And it is highly recommended to pay attention to them because there are extremely many chances to say goodbye to money. For example, smoking is prohibited at resorts. If you are caught, you could face a fine of up to €2,000.

Daredevils who swim in the sea near the red flag must prepare 1,000 euros to cover the fine. You will have to pay less for beach volleyball outside the designated areas — about 120 euros.

Tourists who come to the beach shower with shampoo and soap will pay 650 euros for environmental pollution. There is even a fine for those who urinate in the sea — it is 150 euros, although how the check is carried out is not explained.

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