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Tourists have been warned about a new scam on the island of Bali. Single women at risk

There is a new type of scam in Bali that tourists are falling for. Motorists repaint their cars in the colors of popular taxi services and deceive visitors, 7News reports.

Authorities on the Indonesian island have warned that traveling with such drivers could be unsafe for tourists. They ask women who come to rest in Bali to be especially attentive.

Tourists have been urged to only use well-known and trusted taxi service apps such as Gojek and Grab.

Authorities also warned travelers of an increased risk of terrorist attacks in crowded tourist areas due to the upcoming presidential elections. They are scheduled for February 14.

“Be alert to possible threats. Popular tourist areas may be the target of terrorist attacks,” the warning says.

They also warned that there is a possibility of political rallies and protests in the run-up to the elections.

“In the event of protests, road closures and restrictions on access to popular tourist spots are possible. Avoid protests and demonstrations,” the message to tourists says.

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