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Secrets of air travel: 6 rules that no one explains to us

Have you noticed that in aviation there are a lot of strange rules that must be followed, but no one explains their meaning? For example, why is it forbidden to smoke on an airplane, and is it necessary to applaud the pilots?

Why you can’t use gadgets on an airplane during takeoff and landing

In October 2014, the European Aviation Safety Agency issued an official authorization that electronic devices may remain switched on during the entire flight. But it only applies to airlines. According to the agency, any electronic device creates an electromagnetic field that can affect the operation of onboard instruments. Therefore, it is better to ban any gadgets. And a passenger without headphones will be more attentive if something emergency happens.

Do pilots need to applaud when touching the landing gear?

The pilots will not hear applause: they are separated from the cabin by an armored door and are busy negotiating with dispatchers, taxiing, and cleaning the wing mechanization. In addition, until the aircraft comes to a complete stop, the danger remains: it can move off the runway with unpleasant consequences or brake sharply, and this often leads to bumps and even fractures.

Why you need to raise window shades

Open window shades, raised seat backs, and subdued interior lighting are essential security measures when landing. It is important that everyone on the ground can see what is happening inside the aircraft. For example, if a fire occurs, employees will see which door to open.

Why do flight attendants hide their hands behind their backs when they meet passengers?

Girls in uniform meet passengers with a constant smile and hands strictly hidden behind their backs. The fact is that the stewardess must count the passengers and find out if everyone has boarded. For this, a clicker device is used, with which the employee “clicks off” each passenger.

It is impossible to demonstrate it flying out – this can confuse and frighten no less than if a girl walked through the cabin, poking at everyone with her finger and listing.

If a person dies on board, where will the body be taken?

The person remains at the place where the tragedy occurred, and the passengers leave him. In a pinch, the body can be moved to the back kitchen. But more often, when people feel bad, the plane just makes an emergency landing, and the flight attendants try to do everything to save the passenger.

Why you can’t smoke while flying

In addition to the fire hazard, an important reason for smoking bans is money. The air in the aircraft is constantly circulating, passing through the cleaning filters and cooling the equipment along the way. Soot and resins quickly make them unusable. However, on some flights from Arab countries and Iran, smoking is still allowed today.

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