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Ryanair’s most popular tricks to make passengers overpay for a ticket are named

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair is known as one of the most budget airlines in the world. At the same time, he uses many tricks so that in the end the passenger pays more than the ticket originally cost.

Sun Online Travel has detailed four of the most common tricks that can increase the price of a Ryanair flight if passengers aren’t careful.

Additional baggage

Passengers on Ryanair’s Basic Fare are allowed a small piece of luggage measuring 40cm x 25cm x 20cm, which is usually measured very carefully by the low-cost carrier’s staff at the airport.

When selecting the ‘small bag only’ option, passengers are warned: ‘If you take a second bag or if your bag is too large to fit under the seat, you will be charged up to €69.99 or the equivalent in local currency at the gate “.

If the passenger realizes that he will not be able to fit all his belongings in one small hand luggage, he should take care of paying for additional baggage at the stage of purchasing the ticket, because the later he dares to pay extra for additional bags, the more expensive it will be. However, in any case, it will be cheaper than at the airport.

Name change

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a passenger needs to change the name on the ticket, but in the case of Ryanair, it will cost at least 130 euros or even more. So it might be cheaper to just surrender the ticket and buy a new one.

Printing of the boarding pass

Anyone who fails to check in for their flight online two hours before the scheduled departure time will have to pay nearly €65 to print out their boarding pass at the airport, according to the terms and conditions on the airline’s website.

To avoid a fine, passengers should remember to check in online in advance and bring a downloaded or printed version of their boarding pass with them.

In addition, if a passenger loses his boarding pass already at the airport, he must pay a reissue fee of 23 euros.

Oversized objects

Larger items such as musical instruments and sports equipment will also add significantly to the cost of a plane ticket. At the airport, you will have to pay about 75 euros for them, while if you pay for them at the stage of buying a ticket, their transportation will cost much less.

As reported by DIP, travel experts from Wild Packs previously talked about a three-layer suitcase collection system that will help passengers save on baggage fees by putting all their belongings in their carry-on bags.

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