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Russians were banned from visiting Château de Vincennes in France

Russian citizens will no longer be allowed on the territory of the Château de Vincennes, which is located near Paris. This was reported by the French agency Paris Match on Tuesday.

According to the publication, the administration of the museum complex made such a decision after the directive of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic. The fact is that on the territory of the castle there is a center of the Historical Protection Service, which contains libraries and archives available to tourists.

However, after the start of the war in Ukraine, Russians were banned from entering objects belonging to the Ministry of Defense. Accordingly, the rest of the territory of the castle fell under the restriction.

Citizens of the Russian Federation have already faced the fact that they cannot visit this historical complex even with redeemed entrance tickets. As several Russian tourists told Paris Match, at the end of July, security did not let them into the Château de Vincennes. In particular, at first security officers checked the women’s passports and, seeing Russian citizenship, refused entry. The guards explained the reason quite simply: “Russians are not allowed to enter the museum.”

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