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People go out and fall: extreme temperatures are recorded in Egypt, tourists are urged to hide in hotels

The heatwave that has gripped Egypt has prompted the Egyptian Meteorological Department to issue a separate warning for tourists. “People get off the bus and fall,” tourists commented on the situation in Luxor, where the temperature is approaching +45.

Unusual inhabitants of the north cannot stand the contrast between the air-conditioned coolness of the bus and the incredible heat outside. So in the coming days – and the heat will last for several days – tourists are urged to hide from the heat and possible dust storms in hotels, and if possible not to make long trips on excursions.

According to meteorologists, it is “very hot” now not only in South Sinai and the resort coast of the Red Sea. Cairo also made it to these regions – there on Friday it will be “off the charts” for +40, the forecast promises +43. That is, hell awaits tourists at the Great Pyramids.

The situation is even worse in Luxor — there the thermometer will not drop below +40 all week, and mostly the heat balances at +43-44 degrees, which are seriously dangerous for “unadapted” tourists. “People get off the bus and collapse (pass out from the heat). We have to carry them back and provide first aid”, – one of the local guides tells about the situation, which was repeated many times.

As for the resorts, the heat is a little more moderate there – in Hurghada, the maximum to which the thermometer will rise is +36, and in Sharm el-Sheikh – +37. At night, however, it will not be possible to cool down – at night it also reaches +30. Water in the sea – +26 degrees. However, vacationers are encouraged to stay away from hotels during the hottest hours, especially to the beach under the “extremely active” sun.

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