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Egypt is waiting for a blow: tourists were immediately warned about 4 dangers

Tourists in Egypt were promised “very hot weather”, active sun, and strong gusts of wind. The main Meteorological Department of the country Pyramid warned tourists about four dangers at once.

In addition to the heat and active sun during the day, strong winds await them, that is, sandstorms and waves at sea, as well as morning fog, which reduces visibility on the roads and increases the risk of road accidents for buses that transport tourists on excursions.

“We warn about the appearance of fog in the early hours of the morning on some roads leading to the northern coast and back, which can be thick at times – including in the areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and Sinai,” meteorologists said in particular. They advised motorists to be careful on these roads early in the morning due to poor visibility, keep a safe distance between vehicles, and turn on their headlights while driving to ensure the safety of pedestrians and passengers.

Residents and tourists were also informed in the forecast that “moderate” conditions are expected on the Red Sea. “The height of the waves ranges from one and a half to two meters, the wind near the surface is northwesterly,” the experts added. That is, bathing is very uncomfortable.

As for the forecast at the resorts, the thermometer will stay around +35 degrees in Hurghada all week. At night it is also about +30. Tourists were also promised a very high index of solar activity. In Sharm el-Sheikh, the picture is almost the same and even hotter – +36-37 degrees. At the same time, the water in the Red Sea is heated to +29.

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