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Egypt is turning into an abnormal frying pan: the country is covered in hellish heat up to +38°C

Tourists were promised “scorching weather” and “increased temperatures” in the resorts of Egypt by the Egyptian press concerning the Meteorological Bureau of Egypt. According to him, some provinces in Southern Upper Egypt recorded a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.

Hot weather is promised in South Sinai and the Red Sea province, and “very hot” – where the main excursion routes are located, in Luxor and its surroundings. That is, a kind of “weather anomaly” is recorded. At the same time, those who go on an excursion to Sina, the same monastery of St. Catherine, may encounter fog on the roads.

At the same time, a moderate wind is promised on the Red Sea, the height of the waves will be from 1.25 to two meters, and the wind near the surface will be northwesterly. As for the Mediterranean Sea, winds will be light to moderate, wave heights will vary from half a meter to 1.25 meters, and surface winds will be northwesterly and northeasterly.

In Hurghada, the weather forecast promises long-term heat – those who gathered in November will also expect +30 degrees and above, only after them will it “cool down slightly” – up to +27 and clouds will appear. The picture is similar in Sharm – +30-31 until the tenth of November—water in the sea – +25 degrees.

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