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“Passengers removed seats”: an unusual reason delayed a flight in Italy

A British Airways flight from Milan to London was delayed this week by Italian officials. The plane was delayed because some of the seats were too thick, Travel Pulse reports.

This may seem like a joke, but it’s true. Several videos were published online where passengers helped crew members correct the situation.

A surprise check by Italian aviation authorities revealed that the plane’s seat cushions were the wrong size. It turned out that the rows at the exitwere too thick, which could impede passenger access in the event of an emergency evacuation.

The flight was delayed for more than an hour to replace thick pillows with thinner ones. For Italian officials to clear the plane to take off, dozens of airbags had to be found and replaced, otherwise, the plane could be declared unsafe and all passengers would have to disembark. The correct seat cushions were found and installed.

A TikTok user posted a video showing passengers on board the plane tearing off their seat cushions and frantically searching for serial numbers, which the cabin crew read out over the speakerphone.

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