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A fat tourist was stuck in a plane seat for three hours and was pulled out by a lift

An obese British Airways passenger flying from Nigeria to Heathrow was stuck in his first-class seat for three hours after landing. He was only able to be pulled out by emergency services using a lift after removing the plane’s doors, reports The Sun.

After a 6.5-hour flight, the man realized that he could not move. The plane’s crew members were also unable to pull him out. As a result, it was necessary to call the emergency services and remove the door from the cabin so that a lift could be brought into the cabin and the passenger could be released.

A British Airways insider told The Sun: “The passenger was very distressed. After all, his seat was the widest of all available. He was especially embarrassed when the cabin door had to be removed. It sounds funny, but actually, people felt sorry for him. It is humiliating in the eyes of hundreds of surprised passengers. The crew members did everything they could to calm the man down.”

The passenger was flying from Nigeria to Heathrow in seat 1A, traditionally the most preferred seat on the plane. He enjoyed fine food and wine while relaxing in a £7,000 armchair. The drama began after the plane landed shortly before 5 am on Saturday.

The engineer’s note read: “The bulky passenger is stuck in seat 1A. The plan is to remove the suite door and use a lift to get him out of his seat.

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