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New flight attendant’s mistake cost airlines $2.5 million

A British Airways flight attendant made a blunder on her debut flight, costing her airline £50,000.

The Sun notes that the flight from London to Austin (Texas) had to be delayed by more than 5 hours.

All these troubles were caused by a new stewardess, whose name is not called. It is clarified that the girl had just graduated and it was her first flight. The flight attendant accidentally opened the emergency slide when the plane had already taxied to the runway. At the airport of departure, chaos immediately began: firefighters and police began to drive up to the plane. The board had to be replaced, and passengers had to wait for a flight for more than 5 hours.

Angry British Airways management removed the discouraged new employee from all duties. She had to return to training – such a procedure is provided for any crew member who seriously violates the working algorithm.

The incident raised questions about the quality of training for new crew members.

“The flight attendant’s act was shocking. The most basic training teaches newcomers how not to set the gangplank. Worries about the quality of new employees joining the airline. The cost of a mistake, including delays, is about 50 thousand pounds,” a source at the airline told the publication.

The airline later released an official press statement:

“The aircraft returned to the parking lot and the passengers disembarked as normal. We arranged for them to change aircraft so that they could continue their flight on the same day, and apologized for the inconvenience caused,” British Airways concluded.

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