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Crew members drank too much alcohol and disrupted the flight to London

Three British Airways crew members drank too much alcohol and missed their flight. To avoid punishment, they came up with a whole legend, but the police brought them to light, Globo reports.

It is noted that three British Airways crew members were late for a flight that was supposed to fly from Rio de Janeiro to London. They contacted the police and reported that they had been robbed. Allegedly, their work phones were stolen.

The police opened a case and began an investigation, during which they came to the conclusion that the airline employees were lying. As the department stated, they checked the surveillance cameras and saw that the “victims” were drinking and using drugs the night before the flight. This is what caused the flight to be late, police believe. They came up with the robbery version to avoid punishment from the employer. After all, the flight from Rio de Janeiro to London was postponed by a day.

“The cameras show that they had been drinking and using drugs for several hours. Only one phone was actually stolen from them; two others probably lost their phones during a night of revelry,” police said.

“It is surprising that crew members in such an important role spend the entire night drinking and using drugs, knowing that the next day they will have to take care of dozens of people who face a long flight,” said a spokesman for the special tourism support department.

It is noted that the airline denied information that these three employees were supposed to serve the flight to London, but the reason for postponing the flight by 24 hours was not announced. They also did not report the consequences that the incident would entail.

However, the police noted that the trio will definitely not go unpunished. They could face charges of falsely reporting a robbery.

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