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Panic broke out on a cruise ship due to a pipe burst

Tourists on the Carnival Radiance cruise ship experienced real horror when water began to flood the ship due to a burst pipe. Several passengers shared the horrifying details on Twitter, showing and recounting how water flooded the ship’s corridors and cabins.

The incident happened late at night and woke up the travelers. Terrified vacationers rushed through the corridors in search of help. “At 2 am we woke up to water splashing into our room from the ceiling on Carnival Radiance. It was awful. We are still waiting for the corporation to contact us,” wrote one of them, noting that water-damaged things and furniture in the cabin.

According to a cruise line representative, the flooding was caused by a “water main break” that affected less than 2% of the ship’s cabins. He also added that the crew responded promptly to the situation and the pipe was quickly repaired. However, many tourists panicked after seeing the video. One of them wrote the following in the comments: “At first I thought it was like a museum of experiences from the Titanic. I would be alert and wear a life jacket.”

What safety measures should be taken on board? Such incidents highlight the importance of strict security measures on cruise ships. Liners are required to comply with international safety standards, including having enough lifeboats for all tourists. However, cruise ships usually carry a supply of boats that can accommodate 150% of the vacationers from the total number of people on board.

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