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Norway allows unimpeded entry for more travelers

Norwegian authorities have announced that from 26 July, more and more people will be allowed to enter the Scandinavian country, including children traveling with parents who hold an EU Digital COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate against COVID-19, and family members of Norwegian citizens, according to SchengenVisaInfo.com.

According to a press release issued by the government, the easing of entry restrictions will apply to the following categories:

  • Children traveling with parents who do not need to be quarantined or tested due to EU certificates for COVID-19
  • Travelers who are spouses, registered partners or cohabitants, minors or adult children and stepsons of Norwegian residents
  • Travelers who are spouses, legal partners, cohabitants, minors or adult children and stepsons of EEA citizens traveling to Norway
  • EEA nationals visiting a close family member living in Norway or traveling with a Norwegian family member

Earlier, Norway withdrew its advice against travel to the following third countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Qatar and Serbia.

The decision came after the Oslo authorities confirmed that these countries were entitled to more lenient restrictions.

However, even though Norway has repealed travel recommendations to the nine countries, the government has explained that unvaccinated travelers, as well as those who have not recovered from the disease, will be subject to rules of self-isolation.

In addition, the Norwegian authorities have stressed that entry restrictions, such as testing and quarantine, will apply to unvaccinated travelers from countries such as Belgium, France, the Faroe Islands, Greece and Malta.

On the other hand, Norway has put Latvia on the green list along with other countries such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Greenland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany , Hungary, Vatican and Austria.

According to the World Health Organization, Norway has not reported any deaths related to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

The same source reports that a total of 135,234 infections and 799 deaths have been reported in the Scandinavian country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian authorities announced that they had eased some restrictions imposed to stop the further spread of the virus. However, the government then announced that it had postponed the final phase of economic recovery until the end of this month due to the rapid spread of the delta option.

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