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Named the most dangerous cities for tourists

In most civilized countries, tourists are welcome and friendly. Locals are ready to help at any time and will try to resolve the situation even if you speak different languages. However, tourists are not treated so kindly everywhere – there are cities where travelers are not welcome.

Caracas, Venezuela

Named the most dangerous cities for tourists

The capital of Venezuela can be attractive for tourists who plan to relax in the popular resort – Margarita Island. However, it is worth visiting the city only with a guide. The fact is that in Caracas there are criminal areas where it is dangerous for tourists to be – there are thefts, robberies, and even shootings. Often, Venezuelans steal people and demand a ransom for them, and these areas are best avoided.

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Named the most dangerous cities for tourists

This city is very popular with tourists, as its architecture resembles the old cities of Europe. Despite the external attractiveness and a large number of attractions and entertainment for tourists, the city is dangerous for visitors. There is a high level of crime, robberies, and robberies often occur. Most of the crimes occur based on xenophobia, so tourists are not very welcome here.

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Named the most dangerous cities for tourists

At first glance, the city seems to be ideal for relaxation: there are wide and large beaches, as well as many museums. Indeed, the city is seriously focused on travelers and offers them various options for leisure and recreation. However, it is better not to go far from the hotel. The fact is that on the outskirts of the city, there are slums where very poor people live. They attack careless tourists and can even steal a person.

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