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How to choose a hotel in Venezuela

Venezuela eased coronavirus requirements for tourists. Now vacation in this country has become even more affordable. However, before the state was not popular with tourists, those who are interested in it know nothing about holidays in this country. In the material “DIP” – how to choose a hotel in Venezuela.

Where to rest

It is best to consider hotels on the islands. There you can find the very “lazy” rest, only the water there will not be like in the Black or Mediterranean Sea, but much more pleasant. The scenery will surprise you too. As a rule, tourists choose two destinations: Margarita Island and Los Roques Archipelago. These places are ideal for travel: they are home to the best hotels, national parks, and those white sand beaches. In other cities, tourism is not so developed and a trip there can be dangerous without a guide.

Take exclusively “All inclusive”

Since there are isolated hotels on the islands, you will not find restaurants with local cuisine here. Therefore, consider only those hotels that offer an All Inclusive trip. You won’t be able to go to the mainland to dine there either. Firstly, it is too expensive, and secondly, it is unsafe without an escort.

Consider “Three Stars”

Since there is very high competition among hoteliers in Venezuela, some of them can significantly lower prices, but at the same time, they will offer good service. Don’t be afraid to look at 3 or 4-star hotels. They will cost much less but can please you with a high level of service.

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