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Named the main myth about the attack of sharks

The popular horror movie cliché about the “terrible fin” of a shark above the water before an attack is a myth. This was told by an oceanologist.

He explained that a marine predator always attacks unnoticed, approaching the prey from below or from the side. In this case, the shark can really surface, but only to look around.

The expert oceanologist also added that the chances of dying as a result of a mosquito bite are much greater than from a shark attack. He stressed that, according to research scientists, up to ten people die each year from sharks.

“From a hippopotamus, for example, from 500 people to three thousand every year. Even harmless deer – more than a hundred people die from them a year due to collisions with cars. The most dangerous animal, probably, is a mosquito that carries diseases. There are generally up to a million human victims a year,” the scientist explained.

Sharks live in the tropical zone of the ocean, he recalled. There are also quite a few sharks in the Red Sea, and attacks happen there, but this is a rare occurrence, the source clarifies.

Recall that on June 8 on the beach in Egyptian Hurghada, a shark bit a man. The tragedy occurred in front of eyewitnesses, everything got on video. The victim of the attack was 23-year-old Russian Vladimir Popov. It was reported that the reason for the appearance of a shark in the resort area could be a sunken tourist yacht nearby, on board of which there could be food, which attracted the predator.

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