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In the USA, a fisherman caught a giant shark weighing 500 kg. However, there were problems getting her ashore

An American fisherman can boast of the largest catch of his life. The man single-handedly caught a shark weighing 544 kilograms, but problems arose in getting it to shore.

According to The Miami Herald, a man named Blaine Kenny was fishing on the beach of Santa Rosa Island in Florida. He initially counted on a large catch, so he used the largest bait of all, a yellowfin tuna head weighing 36 kilograms.

On January 30, Kenny, who owns a company that provides shark fishing equipment rentals, was vacationing on the coast with his business partner. And the next morning he noticed that the line of his fishing rod had become tense. The man rushed to pull out his prey, but the fish that was hooked resisted with all his might. It took Blaine an hour to drag his catch to shore on his own.

As soon as the fish approached the shallow water, the man realized that luck had truly smiled on him. It turned out that he caught a giant shark — its length was more than 3.5 meters and its weight reached 544 kilograms. The fisherman’s joy knew no bounds. According to a friend who then went fishing with Blaine, the man’s old dream came true. “He’s been dreaming about this day since he cast his first bait,” says Kenny’s friend.

However, soon after the capture, the fisherman decided to release the shark: he took it off the hook and released it into the sea. In a conversation with the media, he admitted that he was pleased with the fact that he had such a gigantic catch in his life, and could not describe in words the joy he felt when he saw the shark.

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