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Named the dirtiest surface on the plane: it is so contagious that it exposes passengers to a deadly risk

Another sad result for tourists of microbiological research was published by the British publication The Sun. The study was as follows – during 20 flights, scientists took a sample from five areas of the cabin of the aircraft, which are most often in contact with the tourist, namely the seat belt, tray table, headrest, seat pocket and toilet handle – and then checked their “contents” on microbes and bacteria. More than 100 samples were sent to the University of Guelph’s laboratory for testing by microbiologist Keith Warriner for various bacteria, as well as yeast, mold and Escherichia coli.

Note that the study was conducted in the “evidence” era, and now the results look even more frightening. As it turned out that almost half of the tested surfaces contained a large number of the above-mentioned dangerous microorganisms, which exposed a person to the risk of serious infection.

The worst place was the headrest, where, along with the seat pocket, Escherichia coli was found. Hemolytic bacteria, which usually cause sore throat, have also been reported. Their danger lies primarily in the ease with which they could be passed on to a new passenger.

According to the microbiologist, he was shocked by the level of bacteria on the surface of the aircraft. He was also puzzled by how Escherichia coli – which is “present” mainly in the feces – could end up on the headrests and in the pockets of the seats. Flight attendants, who imagine that tourists put in these pockets, this situation did not surprise.

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