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An alarm signal sounded for tourism: the “new covid” is spreading in China, the United States is sounding the alarm

Another “new COVID” may spread from China. This time, the “alarm signal” was given in connection with a mysterious outbreak of pneumonia. The mysterious epidemic has already affected several areas of China and even reached the United States and the Old World. Moreover, US senators have already demanded that Biden “immediately limit travel” between the US and China due to the “mysterious respiratory disease” discovered in the PRC.

By tradition, China became the “generator” of anxiety. At the end of November, the WHO asked the Chinese authorities for data on the growth of respiratory diseases and pneumonia outbreaks in children. International news agencies wrote that Chinese hospitals are “overloaded with sick children.”

However, the alarm signal became louder when the situation “reached” the United States. At least two states, including Ohio, have reported outbreaks, with an “extraordinarily high” number of hospitalized children. Ohio’s Warren County Medical District reported an “extraordinarily high number of childhood pneumonia cases” of 142, above the county average and meeting the department’s definition of an outbreak. At the same time, it is stated that this is not a new virus.

The average age of sick children was about 8 years, cases of the disease were found in several school districts. Symptoms included cough, fatigue, and fever.

We will remind you that no one expected severe problems from the coronavirus when it appeared in December 2019, and it will certainly quarantine the entire planet. But only a month passed from the moment of the appearance of the first incomprehensible case to the first closed city, which became Wuhan, and the declaration of a pandemic by the WHO. So, on November 30, 2019, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the first patient with an unknown type of virus that caused pneumonia was recorded, on December 1, information about the virus was brought to the WHO, on January 9, the first death from the coronavirus was recorded, at that time it was fully identified and got a name – before that, it was called “atypical pneumonia”, on January 12 it was finally confirmed that the virus is transmitted from person to person, and already on January 23, the first city – Wuhan in China – was “closed for covid”. At the time, no one could assume that this was just the beginning — but on January 28, the first cases of the new infection were registered in 15 countries, including the USA, Germany, and France, and already on January 30, the WHO announced the outbreak of an epidemic. So far only in China. But on March 11, 2020, a general pandemic was declared and the globe gradually began to “close to COVID”.

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