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An outbreak of a deadly virus has occurred in India

According to The Wall Street Journal, an outbreak of a deadly disease caused by the Nipah virus has been recorded in India.

The outbreak occurred in the vicinity of the Indian city of Kozhikode in the state of Kerala. At the moment, at least two deaths are known. Relatives of the deceased are now in intensive care units with symptoms of infection.

Authorities urge citizens to exercise caution and wear masks in public places. A group of experts from the Indian Ministry of Health has left for Kerala, and drugs have been sent to the state to combat the Nipah virus.

At the same time, according to doctors, there is no danger of an epidemic, since with a high mortality rate (mortality reaches 70%), the disease spreads quite slowly.

In 2018, 17 people died from the Nipah virus in India; in 2022, the death of one child was officially confirmed.

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