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Morocco, Indonesia, and Vietnam lift most entry restrictions for tourists

This week, several popular tourist countries announced the lifting of coronavirus restrictions on crossing their borders. Morocco, Indonesia, and Vietnam have significantly simplified entry rules for foreigners.

In particular, the Moroccan authorities have abolished the requirement for a PCR test to visit vaccinated tourists. They only need to present the appropriate certificate. Individuals who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 will still have to take a test before flying to the state, but they are now exempted from undergoing a 10-day quarantine.

In turn, Indonesia is so far ready to accept only vaccinated guests from COVID-19 and has also lifted the latest entry restrictions. Now, to visit the country, you no longer need to be tested for coronavirus either before departure or upon arrival.

In addition, Viet Nam has abolished the requirement to provide PCR test results for COVID-19 when crossing the border. Now only a passport is enough to visit the country.

Observers note that the relaxations in the covid regime in Asia and North Africa, although encouraging, will now be of interest to independent travelers rather than to the “mass tourist”. Nevertheless, Asian countries have always been distinguished by a rather conservative approach to the issue of sanitary safety, and even if certain coronavirus restrictions are canceled there, it means that there are already prospects for the resumption of international tourism in the region.

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