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Like a herring in a barrel: airlines are inventing new ways to squeeze more tourists into economy class

There is no limit to the inventiveness of airlines. According to the new concept of some carriers, seats in the economy class will become more uncomfortable and more expensive. It seems that travelers will go to their destination like herring in a barrel.

The demand to increase the number of seats in the economy class cabin is such that Airbus, according to an official announcement, “implemented a new production standard for the A350” last year, according to the British portal The Sun. They treated the sides of the plane differently to free up an additional 10 cm of space, which will allow ten passengers to comfortably fit in a row. “With all the changes, airlines can add 30 more seats to the A350-1000,” the statement said.

In parallel with these changes, the number of “premium economy” options available in various airlines is increasing. However, to force tourists to pay extra for more comfortable seats, carriers make the economy class mode less pleasant.

Experts explained that people are simply forced to pay extra for what they are used to expecting in regular economy class seats, and airlines deliberately make economy class less attractive to encourage passengers to choose more expensive flight options.

“Airlines are investing in marketing premium economy seats as a new luxury option, but still an affordable upgrade option for low- and middle-income travelers as well,” explained one of the carriers’ actions. – Due to the increase in the number of seats with the same cabin volume – compaction – more tourists fly.”

Experts advised couples in the new conditions to choose economy class seats by the window and by the aisle, leaving the middle seat free. This increases the probability that no one will sit between them and there will be additional space for a comfortable trip. It seems that now tourists will fight for the best seats in the cabin even more diligently.

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