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Turkey promised to close 3 thousand hotels

Turkey promised to close 3 thousand hotels, and constantly subject the rest to checks for compliance with star certificates. This statement was made by the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. “Everything must be registered, documented, and certified for Turkey to take its place in the world market at a higher level. If you are playing for the top three in the world, you need to register, check, and control everything. Otherwise, you are lost in this game,” the high official assured the hoteliers.

He reported that 1,000 hotels have already received a license to conduct tourism activities. And another 3 thousand hotels will close if they do not receive the certificate. More precisely, they will not just close: the minister recalled that Turkey adopted a law on the transfer under the roof of the ministry of such facilities as hotels and other accommodation facilities that have a municipal operating certificate and provide low-level services.

“Municipalities have not done their jobs properly in the past. They acted for political reasons. After the law was passed, we gave these hotels time and then took action. The provincial governors have been informed about everything,” added Mr. Ersoy.

He once again noted that out of 4 thousand objects, only 1000 received documents. And most of them are beach hotels, added the Turkish Minister of Tourism. And the time frame for obtaining a certificate is reduced for them.

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