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Iran registers heat index at +81°С

According to the National Meteorological Service, on August 15, a heat index was recorded in Iran, reaching +81 °С.

This value was recorded at the weather station of Qeshm Deirstan International Airport in the southern part of the country. Experts characterize such conditions as “unsustainable for human habitation.”

It is important to note that the heat index is a conditional indicator that combines air temperature and relative humidity, allowing you to evaluate subjective feelings in such an atmosphere.

In fact, the air temperature in the shade on the coast of the Persian Gulf rose only to +46 °C. However, due to the 90% humidity, it feels like the temperature is an additional +28 °C higher.

Earlier, on August 9, in this region, the heat index was +70 °C, while the actual air temperature was +37 °С.

July 2023 was the hottest month in the history of meteorological observations on Earth. In Turkey, on August 15, an absolute temperature record was set: in the province of Eskisehir, thermometers rose to +49.5 °С.

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