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In Turkey, the Russians began to be denied a residence permit

Numerous complaints have appeared in Turkish chats about the refusal to provide Russians with a residence permit (ikamet). Judging by the comments, those who wanted to get it had problems in Fethiye, Izmir, Kas, and Kemer, but in Alanya, Antalya and Istanbul.

The reason for the mass refusals was tightening requirements for applicants for the third time in a year. So, now remote workers need to present a document certified by the employer indicating their monthly earnings. Account statements and regular money transfers are no longer accepted as proof of wealth. Pensioners will also have to confirm their status and income, they used to be treated more than loyally, since elderly Russians do not apply for Turkish jobs. You can re-apply for a residence permit only after 6 months, and stay in Turkey without a visa – only 90 days within six months.

In addition, Turkey is constantly updating and revising the list of places where the number of foreigners reaches 20% of the total population, more according to the country’s laws is impossible. In summer, it included more than fifty districts of Istanbul, and dozens – in Adana, Ankara, and Mersin.

This year, due to the war, the flow of Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians wishing to obtain a residence permit in Turkey has increased significantly. This was due to pretty simple rules and a minimum set of documents for applying for a residence permit in this country.

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