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Tourists began to be massively deceived when buying and renting housing in Turkey: methods of fraud were announced

The increased demand of visitors for real estate in Turkey, multiplied by the economic crisis in the country itself, has led to a massive crop of fraudsters. Tourists began to be massively deceived when buying and renting housing in Turkey. At the same time, everyone can suffer – both those who, before all the “relocations”, bought an apartment in Turkey at the excavation stage, and “fresh” tenants who count on a residence permit. Experts voiced the main methods of “divorce” for money.

A typical story of buying an apartment in their presentation sounds like this. “A completely legal scheme of deception from developers”, according to the definition of bloggers, was implemented in this way. Iryna S., who lives in Turkey, decided to buy her home in Alanya, not for the first time. “I chose the Kingdom Towers residential complex under construction at that time. Paid the full price at the pit stage – 33 thousand euros. They signed a contract with Inna, and everything went well,” experts say.

The problems started at the stage of acquiring the property. The developer directly stated that the apartment was bought too cheaply, and now he allegedly does not have enough for decoration. And asked to pay another 20 thousand euros. “At the same time, Inna went into her apartment and saw that there were already decorations there, and even the kitchen furniture was standing. All that remained was to throw the laminate and decorate the yard. There was even a swimming pool in the complex,” experts explain. However, the tourist did not wait so long for her apartment, receiving only 33,000 euros back on her account.

“Selling housing at the pit stage in Turkey is prohibited. When foreigners, who do not know this, buy real estate at the pit stage, he is not considered unit holder, but an investor. And he does not own an entire apartment, but a certain number of square meters. And the contract between the developer and the buyer does not have legal force in Turkey. Unscrupulous developers know this loophole and “rent” construction funds from foreigners,” the experts explained. So the first advice for buyers is if you don’t want to burn out, take something ready.

Tenants have their methods of divorce. They are also helped by the Turkish legislation and the authorities, which “tighten the nuts” in terms of obtaining residence permits for foreigners. “In Antalya, the ban for foreigners to register came into effect. Accordingly, no residence permit! At the same time, during the tourist hype, prices increased 3-4 times. The agencies decided to charge a commission at a double rate. And payment in general for six months to a year in advance. Of course, they did not warn about the fact that there will be no residence permit,” experts emphasize.

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