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In Turkey, a resort for the rich was scared, a flurry of criticism because of the prices for tourists

A flood of publications in the Turkish press with sharp criticism of its “excessive prices” at the beginning of the season was called a deliberate campaign to “put Bodrum down”, that is, to force the resort to lower prices, the authorities of the Turkish “resort for the rich”, which this Turkish region is considered to be. At the same time, the prices of literally everything from hotels to lahmajun (Turkish pizza) came under attack.

“They are trying to increase their rating by publishing negative news about Bodrum. We feel they want to bring Bodrum down a bit. At the same time, we have not met any tourists dissatisfied with our service,” said Omer Farouk Dengiz, president of the Bodrum Hoteliers’ Association (BODER).

He also confirmed that Bodrum has the image of a “resort for the rich” and therefore everything in the resort, including food, drink, and entertainment, attracts intense attention from competitors and the press.

At the same time, the head of local hoteliers called to “remove the confusion” caused by the image of a “resort for the rich”. “Yes, we have a high season, places to stay for five nights cost 1 million liras and above – primarily, these are apartments and villas in hotels. It can accommodate 7 people or more. But we also have hotels for 450 lire per person per day (that is, a little less than 850 hryvnias),” said Mr. Dengiz.

He also commented on the scandalous news that last year tourists bought lahmajun (Turkish pizza) in Bodrum for 200 lire (380 UAH), now its price has increased to 450 lira (850 UAH). The answer was about the same as about the hotels – the representative of the hoteliers of Bodrum assured that tourists have a choice whether to have lahmajun for 20 lira or 450 lira. “Places where lahmajun is sold for 450 lira offer tourists and other benefits – as a rule, these are places of parties, entertainment and much more,” the hotelier assured.

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