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In South Korea, a palm print will be allowed on board the plane

In South Korea, for the first time in the world was allowed to board a plane in the palm of your hand. Korean Air managed to provide such a service at Seoul’s Gimpo Airport. In order to get on the plane for airline passengers, just put your hand on a special scanner to confirm identity and flight details.

According to local media, such a service can currently be used only by citizens of the Republic of Korea aged 7 and older. They need to go through the procedure of registration of their palms and fingerprints on a special device in advance. According to the airline, this service will help speed up the check-in and boarding process, as well as increase the safety of air travel.

The airline also plans to extend this service to other airports in the country. The service will be available at Gimhae International Airport from August this year, and then will appear at other airports in South Korea.

It will be recalled that the Korean airports of Gimpo and Jeju already use special scanners to identify passengers by hand, the same principle will apply when boarding.

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