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In order to expel tourists in Amsterdam, it was decided to relocate the red light district.

In search of a solution to the problem of the activity of drunken tourists, criminals, and brawlers in popular Amsterdam, the local authorities took a decisive step: the transfer of the famous “red light district”. It is proposed to build an “erotic center” outside the central district of the city, as well as to relocate 100 houses.

This is how the authorities plan to expel vacationers from the center. According to the proposal of the initiator, whose role was played by the mayor Femke Halsema, the brothel will not be visible from the outside. The “Erotic Center” is planned to be located in the socially sustainable Europaboulevard district, just 500 meters from the European Medicines Agency (EMEA). The sleeping area is easily accessible both by public transport and by car.

The move aims to make the city center, in particular the famous De Wallen district, livable by freeing it from the influence of sex tourists. In addition, the measures are aimed at giving employees of the sex industry more control over their activities.

We will remind you that the mayor of the Dutch capital is trying to implement plans to move establishments with sex services from the “red light district” starting in 2019. However, some measures have already been taken in this regard. For example, on April 1, 2023, restrictions were introduced for such establishments: they increased their rent and changed their working hours.

The decision to “relocate” the block to a sleeping area became part of the Amsterdam Agreement for 2022-2026, which also provides for a reduction in the number of windows in the “red light district”. This will allow the city to deal with tourists who cause problems and also increase control over the situation in the area. In addition, Amsterdam continues its anti-tourism “Stay Away” campaign. This is how the city wants to preserve its uniqueness and attractiveness for culturally oriented tourists. The introduction of new laws regarding the use of cannabis and changes in the mode of operation of establishments are also aimed at improving the general atmosphere in the city. Amsterdam is one of the most famous European capitals.

According to Statista, in 2022, the city’s hotels registered about 5 million foreign tourists and 1.6 million domestic ones. The main foreign guests were Germans, British, and Americans.

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