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A ranking of the happiest cities in the world has been compiled

The happiest cities in the world were determined by the British company Institute for Quality of Life, which studied more than a hundred places around the globe.

The rating included 200 cities. The assessment of happiness was based on factors such as the political system, education, ecology, transport, economy, and other criteria. The leader was the Danish Aarhus, followed by Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Bergen in Norway.

“A city of happy people will always mean different things to different people. For a five-year-old, it means places to play and the opportunity to build relationships with parents as part of time spent together, where a quick commute home from work is important. Students, working people, the elderly, or groups that, for one reason or another, find themselves at a disadvantage,” the company noted.

The top 10 happiest cities look like this:

  1. Aarhus, Denmark;
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands;
  3. Bergen, Norway;
  4. Brisbane, Australia;
  5. Canberra, Australia;
  6. Eskilstuna, Sweden;
  7. Geneva, Switzerland;
  8. Helsinki, Finland;
  9. Jonkoping, Sweden;
  10. London, Great Britain.

The ranking also includes Singapore, which is in 26th place, Paris, which is in 40th place, Tokyo in 85th position, and Istanbul in 149th place. Podgorica and Nicosia close the ranking.

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