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In Egypt, tourists were scared of the coronavirus

The inevitable consequences of the tourist excitement in Egypt were long queues for departures at airports. Tourists have been staying with them for four hours – and the situation is unlikely to change. At the same time, as the head of one of the travel agencies told the publication, coronavirus security measures in the country are followed “for a tick”, which means a great risk for tourists.

For example, heightened security measures during the check-in of tourists and luggage at airports are gathering queues, which were mentioned earlier in the publication “This is bullying: tourists are standing in 4-hour queues in Sharm el-Sheikh.” However, these queues can become a breeding ground for infection: “Crowds of people, many of them without masks, and have to wait a long time,” – said the expert. At the same time, although the Egyptian authorities require paper certificates of vaccination or PCR test from tourists, the verification of these tests is also approached formally and is not required everywhere.

Formally “anti-antiquity” measures in hotels also lead to additional risk. According to the expert, the innovation, according to which the food tables are behind the fence and the waiter imposes food on tourists, also complicates the situation: “On the one hand, now no one will be able to touch the food with their hands or, say, sneeze on it. But on the other hand – a lot of people still gather around the tape. Many are without masks, and, of course, all without gloves, “said Ms. Gerber. At the same time, the staff is “equipped” with masks and other security measures depend on the hotel management – somewhere with this strictly, and somewhere “even the waiters and chefs wear masks on their chins.” She also does not recommend that unvaccinated Ukrainians and Russians go to Egypt – the risk of getting sick is high and the quality of medicine is low.

As a result, as the immunologist told the publication, Mykola Kryuchkov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, is at risk that the high demand for tourists in Egypt will negatively affect the incidence rates in Egypt, both in Ukraine and in Russia after their return. The coronavirus has a median incubation period of 6 days before symptoms appear. Half of people show symptoms of infection on day 6. Therefore, if sick vacationers fly to Egypt for a week, their symptoms will be manifested on vacation. If they get sick on vacation, they will feel the symptoms after returning,” he warned. He noted that it is likely the concentration of contagious at least one person on the plane.

Therefore, upon return, the expert recommended that tourists take an antigen test and PCR test at the airport. And also – to get home by taxi and if possible to adhere to “self-isolation” for 6-10 days – or at least to avoid crowds.

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