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In Amsterdam, it will be forbidden to smoke marijuana in the red light district

In Amsterdam, smoking marijuana on the streets of the red light district will become illegal. Even in the capital of the Netherlands, cafes, and restaurants will close earlier.

The city authorities have published new rules of behavior for tourists. They will enter into force in mid-May, the BBC reports.

Such measures should improve the living conditions of the capital’s residents, who have long been complaining about the mess caused by numerous tourists. Almost all local deputies supported measures to reduce inconvenience for residents.

The Amsterdam city council also announced that restaurants and bars will have to close by 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and after 1 a.m. new visitors will not be allowed into the old part of the city.

Currently, only the sale of alcohol in shops, wine shops, and cafes in the red light district is illegal from Thursday to Sunday after 4 pm. Now the city council will ask sellers to completely remove alcohol from the windows.

Tourists in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is world-famous for its cannabis cafes, which millions of tourists visit. But Amsterdammers themselves constantly complain that inebriated tourists provoke an increase in the level of crime.

And in 2021, it became known that the windows of brothels in the red light district in Amsterdam will be closed, and the entire “center of erotica” will be moved away from the city center. This decision was made by the city government.

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