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“Go home”: residents of a popular resort are tired of tourists

Residents of Spanish Malaga are tired of tourists and started persecuting them. The inscriptions “Tourists, go home” appeared on buildings in the city, reports Independent.

“This place stinks of tourists,” and “The family lived here before you,” are some of the posters plastered on the walls of houses throughout the city.

The fact is that in Bali, Indonesia, tourists were urged to stay away from the sea due to tidal waves, and they poured into Malaga. Residents could not withstand such an influx.

They complain that landlords are evicting residents to rent out housing to tourists at a higher price.

It all started with a bar owner named Dani Drunko. He was kicked out of the apartment in which he lived for 10 years to rent it out to tourists. He suggested decorating the city with anti-tourist posters, but admitted that “it got out of control.”

Drunko says that he “has nothing against tourists,” he just wants the housing issue to be regulated.

There are also residents of Malaga who are shocked by such hostility.

“These people who are against tourism still want to work. It’s like we earn our living working for the aerospace industry,” says local lawyer Juan Luis Gomez.

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