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For him and her: A list of the best countries for sex tourism

In Holland, on Valentine’s Day, there is an interesting tradition: on February 14, every girl can make a marriage proposal to a man she likes. And if he refuses, he is obliged to give a dress, preferably silk. But what to do when you don’t want to get married, but your body craves new sex adventures? Go on a sex tour!

For him

For most male tourists, this type of vacation is a chic way to cool off from daily business negotiations or brighten up your bachelor’s loneliness. The main destinations are Asian countries, where girls are easily accessible, young, and ready to do anything for a crispy bill.

For him and her: A list of the best countries for sex tourism


Thailand is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to liberated holidays for men. There are 2-3 million sex workers in this kingdom. In the main tourist cities – Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok – you don’t even have to look for special places to order girls. In the evening, Thai beauties in short dresses take to the streets and offer their services.

In Thai clubs, you need to pay a bar fine – a special “tax” if you take a lady home from work. A girl from the street will cost you 600-2500 baht ($18-80). In the massage parlor, they can also offer sexual services, and in the club, go-go girls not only dance but also engage in prostitution.

Be vigilant so as not to stumble upon an ex-man! Sex reassignment surgery is very common in Thailand.


The Philippines is the second most popular sex tourism destination after Thailand. Do not forget that this is a Catholic state, and there is no official permission for prostitution here. However, you can choose a priestess of love in almost any bar and, by paying 3,000 pesos ($ 155), pick her up for 24 hours. Be careful not to be drugged with clonidine, otherwise, you will wake up in the morning without money.

The most popular sex resorts are Manila, Fr. Cebu, oh Boracay. Girls come here from different Philippine cities. Many are from Davao City.

The capital of the sex industry in the Philippines is the city of Angeles. The central street of the city – Walking Street, is filled with strip bars and salons with a large selection of young girls. Price, on average – is from $ 30 to 100 per night. Western pensioners come here for adventure.

Filipinos are distinguished by their beauty, complaisance, and knowledge of the English language. Compared to Thais, they are more elegant and attractive. Sometimes it makes sense to get acquainted with Filipinas through the Internet and then buy vacation tickets. Girls can meet right on the ladder. Many dreams of leaving the country, so they are ready to get acquainted almost for nothing.


Havana’s Malecon embankment at night turns into a paradise for bodily pleasures. Girls work as cleaners in hotels during the day and take to the streets at night in search of an opportunity to earn extra money. The most beautiful and expensive prostitutes live in Varadero – this is a favorite resort for foreigners. At night, picking up a lady from the club costs about $100. In the morning, you can save a lot and pay 2 times less.

You can go up to any girl and ask “Singar possible?” (“Can I have fun with you?”) – 9 out of 10 will answer positively. There are no brothels in Cuba, but there are “particulars” – erotic sex houses of residents. There you can spend the night with any of the ladies you like for only $20.


In terms of entertainment, Brazil can be compared with Thailand. Although prostitution is officially prohibited here, this does not prevent Brazilian women from providing sex services to tourists. The largest points are in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

In Brazil, there is the concept of “terms” – a bath, massage, and sex in one bottle. Everything your heart desires will be offered here! In nightclubs, you can meet a local beauty and negotiate a small reward for dialogue. For a few cocktails or $20, you can get a pleasant continuation of the evening.


It is popular with hotels “Hedonism II” and “Hedonism III”, in which all the guests go, to where their mother gave birth. Sex is practiced everywhere here, so these hotels deserve special attention from liberated men. The cost of such entertainment here is low – about $ 40-60. Hotel accommodation is not included in this price. It is not necessary to be a guest here to take part in an orgy. However, for those who are not ready for public debauchery, it is better not to show either the nose or other parts of the body here.


Male sex tourism is parred for the course in this former French colony. Pensioners from Europe go for such a vacation, wanting to relax in the company of young African women. The most common place to look for a girl is the capital of the island – the city of Antananarivo. Here, foreigners take the girls they like (sometimes several) with them for the whole trip or find new acquaintances directly at the resorts. Beaches near the town of Tolanaro (formerly Fort Dauphin) are considered a popular destination.

It is very easy to make an “acquaintance” – just ask how old the beautiful African woman is. If you were told that 15, then they don’t want to deal with you. The law does not prohibit prostitution, except for the seduction of minors (under 16 years of age). But the vast majority of girls are looking for a “daddy”, starting from the age of 16-17, to replenish their wallets. In some clubs and bars, mothers invite boyfriends for their very young daughters. Moreover, the prices for entertainment are low – from $ 15 for one sexual intercourse.


Japan is rich in services that other countries have not even thought of. For example, in the Cuddle Café, you can order a girl for hugs. She will hug you and lie with you in bed, but no sex!

Although sex for money in Japan, of course, also exists. Prostitution, according to the law, is considered sexual intercourse between a man and a woman for a monetary reward. The cost of half an hour of joy with a Japanese woman is $ 60-80. Everything that goes beyond this concept is not officially prohibited, including blowjobs. For example, in Pink Salon, when you buy any drink, you get a blowjob as a gift!

The No Pan Kissa cafe deserves special attention – the waitresses here do not wear panties, while tirelessly “playing cleaner”, polishing the mirrored floors. Tokyo restaurants deserve special attention, where virgins serve as furniture (tables and chairs). A special ritual of eating sushi from the body of a virgin is called “nyotaimori”. Erotic full body massage with soap – soaplands.

Do not forget about the well-known geishas – these ladies are still a priority, but they are unrealistically expensive. The cost of the services of one geisha is from $ 1000 for a couple of hours of communication.


Hamburg, Berlin, and Reeperbahn – are the main places for German escort services. Germany is distinguished by the fact that prostitution is legal here, there is a special name for brothels – puff. The most famous of them – Berlin “Artemis” – four-story, luxurious, including 46 rooms. Entrance to such an institution costs € 40. For this amount, you can swim in the pool, have a drink in a bar, watch porn or enjoy a massage from a naked German woman. You will have to pay for sex separately. Prices are high: from €150 to €450, but you don’t have to worry about your health. Germans in poufs regularly visit doctors, observe hygiene, and definitely won’t infect anything.

In addition, erotic entertainment is available in sex cafes and original German baths. The former is similar to go-go bars but more cultured. The main difference from a regular cafe is the prices. An ignorant tourist will be very surprised by a cup of coffee for € 10 or a glass of whiskey for € 60. And on TV screens, not just another musical hit parade or a match of famous football teams is played, but hard porn.

German baths are divided into two types. The first option is an ordinary bath for everyone, but the main “outfit” for visiting is its absence. It turns out a kind of nudist beach, only with high temperature and steam. The second type is exclusively for men. In cafes, by the pool, and in the steam rooms of such a bath, naked beauties sit and make eyes. With the one you like, you can spend an hour or two in the rooms.


The Czech Republic is famous for its beer, but the direction of sex services here is starting to gain momentum. The world’s only museum of sex machines has been opened in the center of Prague, the exposition of which is represented by more than 200 models. You can visit it for 250 CZK (about € 10).

On Narodnaya Street and the Old Town Square of the capital, after 18 hours, girls in skimpy outfits appear. Prices are different: from € 50 to 100 per hour, depending on your desires. In the Czech Republic, there is an interesting offer – you can get a girl for free if you agree to the publication of your sexual intercourse on the Internet.


It was in the capital of Holland that the world’s first museum of sex and erotica was opened. Its exposition is multifaceted – from the sexual traditions of different peoples to the collection of canes-phalluses. The cost of visiting is only € 7.

In Rotterdam and Amsterdam, prostitution is legal, and its workers pay taxes and receive a pension. In the Red Light District, you can order any girl, but you should be careful what you wish for! The rooms of the priestesses of love are equipped with alarm buttons, and the rules of solitude strain and fetter. For example, by paying €50, you can “talk” with a girl for only 15 minutes, without kissing, in a classic sex position. Foreplay is possible for no more than three minutes and only in a condom.

For her

Sex tourism is not only a male form of recreation. Historically, it is not customary to talk about this type of recreation for the weaker sex. However, about 600 thousand women annually travel abroad in search of a lover. The sex tourism industry offers them a little less

For him and her: A list of the best countries for sex tourism


Hot Turkish guys are the most popular escort for women. Here, a Slavic girl can find a lover free of charge – the Turks have a weakness for our compatriots. Turks are very persistent in courtship and will readily shower you with compliments from head to toe.

In Turkey, there are entertaining excursions “Disco pirate” – for $ 40 you get on a 4-hour intimate trip on a boat.

Before going to Turkey, I studied the features and prohibitions of this country. A lot of things became clear to me: it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places (except cafes and restaurants), and you can’t look askance at other residents. I took the maximum amount of closed summer clothes with me on vacation, after all, a Muslim country. I was not looking for a man, my friend and I paid for a tour on a yacht. It lasts 4 hours and costs $ 40, but it does not consist in seeing the sea, but of getting to know Turkish men. These are not the lower strata of the population, but rather wealthy men looking for adventure. I was interested in this, but I didn’t want to get acquainted on the street with anyone. After the walk, it was possible to continue, which I did, but I previously wrote a receipt that we were staying in Alanya for the night deliberately. A receipt is required to avoid problems, Lara says.

The best dating clubs are located in Alanya, Side, and Antalya. There is a whole network of such establishments on Bar Street in Marmaris, in Bodrum, there are discos “Halikarnassus” and “Catamaran”, in Kemer – “Moonlight” and “Jest”. Entry fees to clubs range from $20 to $45.

You can find a lover without leaving the territory of the hotel: some have animators and masseurs who do their best to please the ladies so that the tourists return with joy.


Egypt is the second most popular country for female sex tourism. In Egypt, “Habibi” addressed to tourists can be heard everywhere. It means “beloved”, and if a man of Arab appearance addressed you like this, shake your mustache: this is a hint. A hint of a short, but hot passion that the burning East can offer in exchange for a small material reward, a gift, or even completely free.

In Egypt, ladies of the “Balzac age” from Europe and America often have a rest, and buy local young boys for a small amount.

If you do not want to run into trouble, then know that you cannot be with a man in his apartment, otherwise, you may be sent to prison. For love comforts, there are special hotels and hotels in the popular resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. For example, the Sofitel hotel is 5 stars. Here you can order a naked masseur, with whom you can have sex if you wish.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, discos give out flyers for a discount or free admission. At the Hard Rock disco until 22.00, admission is free, Little Buddha can also be visited by girls at no material cost. The best nightclubs in Hurghada are Calypso or Sindbad Club – admission is $5-6 and you won’t leave without a pair.


Spanish men are very passionate, handsome, and flighty. Ibiza, Madrid, and Barcelona are the main cities where you should go in search of love. Spaniards hardly speak English, so you should learn a few phrases in Spanish.

In Spain, there are semi-official brothels where a woman can choose a man of the “necessary” build. But this is for the most daring. If you see a sign “Club” on the street of any Spanish city, you are there. Drinks here are inexpensive – $ 5-6 for a glass of whiskey. There are also rooms where you can retire with a man – $ 80 per hour.

For modest and not-so-frank, the best option is to book a trip on a yacht or an excursion to the mountains, be sure to warn that you need sex. No one will condemn you for such a request, on the contrary, you will be presented with a “guide” who will tell you about the Kama Sutra and the ways of love. Such an excursion will cost € 300.

If you are traveling by car, on the way from Valencia to Barcelona you will see the clubs Cambrils, San Carlos de la Rapita, Amposta, Vinaros, Moncofa, and Benicasim. Entrance to these places is free, but you will have to spend from € 10 to 20 on sex pleasures.


The Greeks are romantic and attractive. Female sex tourism is more developed in Greece than male. Men who please women for money are called “karakia”. A look, a compliment, flirting – and the fish got caught. It is easy for attractive girls in Greece to have a holiday romance and get sexual pleasure for free.

Sex tourism is especially developed on the Greek islands. In Mykonos, you can rent a hotel for a day for € 10. For the same amount, you can order an erotic massage.


In France, prostitution is not legalized, so you need to know the places where you can pick up a boy for the night. Paris is the city of love. This is where adventurers should go. There are many Arab men in France, immigrants from Morocco, and Egypt, and they provide escort services. The Place des Stars and the Place Pigalle district are places of a congestion of male prostitutes. Prices for love pleasures: € 50-100.

French seducers are unsurpassed, because as the famous saying goes: “Paris is a place where you always stand.” Men willingly get acquainted with tourists and enter into an easy relationship with them.

Sex hotels in France: Hotel Auberge du Haut Salat, Résidence Le Village La Souleille Des Lannes Seix, Auberge des Deux Rivieres 1. Rest in them will cost from € 5 to € 10 per person per day. Here you will be offered an intimate massage for € 10 or something more serious – up to € 100 per hour.


Italian men are not in love with a woman in only one state – in the dead. The central streets of Rome at night turn into crowded places for men of different nationalities who want to earn extra money. True, sex tourism for ladies in this country is expensive: you will have to pay up to € 100 per night for intimate services. Some alpha males put up prices to € 1000!

If you can’t afford such expenses, there are many beaches in Palermo and Tropea where ladies are allowed to sunbathe without clothes. Accordingly, there are plenty of men who are thirsty for sex.


Sex tourism in Morocco is an exotic and relatively low-cost item of expenditure. It is enough to take the “boy” for maintenance: feed him lunches and dinners, walk him to a disco, and give small presents and gifts. You can hire a personal page, which will cost $ 250-300. He will fulfill all your wishes and relentlessly accompany you throughout your vacation.

In hotels in Rabat, Marrakesh, and Casablanca, you can rent a room for sex pleasures for $ 20-30 per hour and make love. An intimate excursion to the sea costs only $15.


According to statistics, Cuba now has a serious demographic predominance towards men. For temperamental loving Cubans, this problem is felt especially acutely. Salvation for them – visiting ladies.

Local machos prefer to combine business with pleasure: pick up a tourist and get material benefits from her. Women are satisfied with this, and they actively use it. Hot Cuban youths are especially popular with wealthy European women over 40.

In Cuba, there is a separate estate – chulo or heteros (in our opinion – gigolo). They specialize exclusively in foreign women with fat wallets. These machos are distinguished by their excellent physical shape. Another feature of the Cubans is their talent for dancing. It seems that the sense of rhythm is in their blood. Therefore, they are considered good lovers.

The most popular city for female sex pleasures in Havana. If you are here and want to find love adventures, the Malecon promenade is at your service. Most of the potential partners for the night are concentrated here. Since Cubans love to dance, head to nightclubs like Casa de la Musica in Galliano. The second most popular city is the resort of Varadero. Here gigolos are found literally at every turn. A sex leisure companion will set you back $50 an hour.


Little is known about the unusual hearing of the average tourist on the island of Tanzania. Queen fans know Zanzibar as the birthplace of Freddie Mercury. But now this African region claims to be a popular hotspot for female lovemaking.

Visiting Europeans can easily find a “friend for the weekend” in the face of a guy from the Maasai tribe. They are famous for their good physical data. Long-legged, slender young men with snow-white smiles and interesting appearances are very popular with tourists. The appearance of the Maasai is specific, their front tooth is knocked out, there are ritual scars on their cheeks, and their hair is braided, which means that the Maasai is in search of a bride. There are legends about their sexual gigantism and endurance.

Finding the Maasai is easy – they work as security guards in hotels. It is enough to go outside the hotel and walk along the beaches (for example, Nungwi or Kiwengwa). Interested men themselves will show signs of attention. You will have to reciprocate the boyfriend you like. From other vacationers, the Masai differ in that they wear a traditional red cape. At the same time, they do not shy away from fashion trends, carrying stylish glasses, iPhones, and other modern accessories. For only € 20-40 per day, you can “rent” any native you like.

The most popular sex festivals in the world

You can also make a festival program of sex recreation, combining physical pleasures with obtaining new intimate knowledge.

For him and her: A list of the best countries for sex tourism

  1. For more than half a century, San Francisco has been filled with thousands of adventurers in October. At this time, there are two festivals. The Exotic Erotic Ball festival attracts with its scale, erotic shows, and colorful costumes.
  2. Sex shows, strip shows, and erotic performances are held as part of the grand Folsom Street Fair intimacy festival. The “must-do” of the festival is to swim naked in a giant cocktail glass. An entrance ticket to the event is $50.
  3. In France, in the city of Cannes in May, Hot D’Or is held, a festival where pornographic stars expose their bodies made by the best plastic surgeons.
  4. In the US state of Indiana, during the hot summer months, naked beauties compete for the title of “Miss Nude”.
  5. In the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, every October there is a “computer conference” at Kinki Salon Copenhagen, where instead of mice and keyboards there are vibrators and dildos. The cost of participation in such a “scientific event” is € 30. No one leaves here without a partner: sex per night will cost € 70.

Adventure lovers should remember the main thing: the basis of sex tourism is money. Therefore, if you want to have a good rest, save up, and an unusual experience is guaranteed!

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