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Another city in Egypt has become a new attraction for Ukrainian tourists

The return of tourists en masse to Egypt contributed not only to the occupancy of beach hotels – the growth of the number of tourists, even in Luxor, Egyptian media reported. The Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee reported a 20% increase in the occupancy rate of Luxor hotels, as well as an increase in room bookings during November.

“Luxor is the capital of civilization and a source of historical knowledge,” said Mohamed Osman, chairman of the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee.

At the same time, tourists are attracted to cultural tourism even by colorful shows, in particular – the expected opening of the Sphinx Alley, which connects the temples of Luxor and Karnak – details can be read at the link.

“The average daily level of tourist spending is a positive reflection of the total income for this year,” Osman said.

He added that the Committee for Marketing of Cultural Tourism is currently working on planning a number of activities for the future, aimed at promoting cultural tourism in Upper Egypt and supporting joint travel programs between the “beach” resorts of Egypt and its cultural capitals.

Note that Ukrainian tourists prefer to go from Hurghada to Luxor for day trips. From Sharm el-Sheikh – everything is more difficult, because it is further from Luxor, so tourists either fly there by plane or go overnight. Probably because of this, the occupancy rate of hotels in Luxor has increased, because the main tourist flow in Egypt now – is from Ukraine and Russia.

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