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A high-speed train will be launched from Hurghada to Luxor, which takes tourists on excursions in just 1 hour

Good news for tourists heading to the popular Hurghada was announced by the Egyptian authorities. Now it only takes about an hour to reach the ancient temples of Luxor. Such a short time takes the journey on the new high-speed train “Hapi”.

According to Egyptian media, the project to launch this train became part of the state’s grandiose efforts to develop transport infrastructure and support tourism in the region.

The project aims to serve tourists in the provinces of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, as well as to create an environmentally friendly and modern transport network, which includes three main lines of high-speed trains.

According to Osama Munir, the head of the transport committee of the Chamber of Tourism and Travel Companies of the Red Sea, the Hapi project will contribute to the development of the tourism sector and attract investment in tourism between Hurghada and Luxor.

It was clarified that the Hapi train will include 7 stations, providing comfortable and convenient movement between the two popular tourist destinations. The “Red Line” of the high-speed train connects these resort cities and travels in just 70 minutes, which will make visiting the Luxor temples more accessible and convenient for tourists.

Note: Hapi was not chosen by chance. According to Egyptian mythology, Hapi is the god of the annual flooding of the Nile, meaning that he essentially represents the ancient Egyptian river Nile, which brought happiness and life to the people through fertility and agricultural prosperity, and now This train will support that historical connection by providing a quick and a comfortable way to move between resorts.

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