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After the shark attack in Egypt, the authorities closed the beaches: the name of the tourist who lost her arms and the name of the hotel were given

The authorities of the Sharm el-Sheikh resort in Egypt decided to close one of the fatal beaches after a shark attacked a tourist while swimming (details here). The victim’s name is already known, she is alive but lost her hands. Matn News reported details.

The background is as follows: The accident occurred in the Egyptian resort of Dahab, not far from Sharm el-Sheikh. The predator attacked the girl in shallow water in the afternoon on August 13. According to the Egyptian mass media, the tourist was swimming near buoys on the beach. At this time, a predator swam up to her and grabbed her shoulder.

This is the second incident in the last three months at Egyptian resorts – read details about the previous tragedy in the article “In Hurghada, a shark mauled a Russian tourist to death: the bloody drama unfolded before the eyes of vacationers.”

It was clarified that this time the victim was not a foreign tourist, but an Egyptian woman, Zeinab Ahmed Abdel Kader, who was vacationing at the sea. She came to Sinai on vacation from Alexandria. The attack occurred in front of the Tirana Hotel in the Laguna district. The girl was pulled ashore, provided with first aid, and hospitalized. In the struggle for life, her left arm was amputated.

The Ministry of Environment also announced the closure of one of the beaches in the city of Dahab in South Sinai after a shark attacked an Egyptian tourist. The ministry called for the formation of a committee to assess the situation, identify the causes of the shark attack, and conduct an inspection of the beach.

We would like to add that tour operators have previously provided tourists with lists of safe hotels in Hurghada with shark nets: Read the details at this link.

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